P&M Version 3.0.3 with 64bit and AAX 2.0 Support

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Today we are proud to announce the launch of Version 3.0.3 of our V.I.P. Series Plug-ins that adds full 64-bit support with Avid's AAX 2.0 format for Mac and PC.

This upgrade provides full compatability with the brand new ProTools 11 just released by Avid, so those of you who want to use our P&M Plug-ins with most recent ProTools can do so immediately.

The UPGRADE to V3.0.3 is as usual FREE of charge to ALL V.I.P. Plug-ins owners.

Enjoy !

P&M Reaches 4,621 Subscribers !

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4,621 "Investors" subscribed to our ambitious P&M Group-Buy. You have therefore attained 78% Discount OFF the Plug & Mix V.I.P. Bundle for a blow-out price of ONLY $109 ! (MSRP $499).

To thank everyone for their massive participation, we have decided to offer the P&M V.I.P. Bundle at the goal price of $99 until April 31, 2013

Simply redeem the voucher coupon : PDZVIP at check-out.

That is our way to thank ALL of you for your great support and the amazing testimonials posted all over the web and particularly here at KVR Audio with some 450 replies and over 30,000 views!

You have ALL greatly participated in the phenomenal success we encounter with our P&M Plug-ins. Be sure that every dollar will be wisely invested in the development of great new audio products.

Every Group-Buy participants will receive an “investors certificate” that entitles them to 50% off all future Plug & Mix product releases.

Thank you and enjoy your new V.I.P. Bundle

P&M Seeks 10 000 Investors with a Group-Buy Promo !

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Just one month ago, on February 11 we launched a Plug & Mix giveaway on our Facebook page and we received over 13 000 likes in less than 3 weeks. That is over 13 000 new users that installed our P&M Plug-ins and discovered how good they sound and how easy they are to use. We received lots of amazing testimonials from these new users that said that our plug-ins are amongst the best audio tools they have ever used… Here are just a few examples !

We also got great feed-back from you requesting smaller "dedicated" bundles at more attractive prices that could be sold somewhere around $99. We think that is a GREAT idea and we will definitely follow-up with that on future releases. Other users asked if we could do an attractive promotion soon and that led us to an daring idea that we think hasn't been done before.

10 000 Investors = $1 000 000 for R&D !

As you know, R&D (Research & Development) is critical for a growing company and we have decided to get you involved. And how are going to do that, you might ask ? Well, we simply want to give our customers the MOST we can for their money, and generate income for R&D on our side. We do have some very exciting projects that we want to bring to the market quickly.

To achieve that, we are today launching the most ambitious Group-Buy ever organised at DontCrack. The idea is to gather together 10 000 users that will pull our V.I.P. Bundle price down to ONLY $99 !!! As the bundle contains 40 plug-ins, that drives the cost of each plug-in down to ONLY $2.48. Isn't that the craziest "No Brainer" you've ever seen in the audio industry ?

Our Group-Buy is a risk FREE operation for users as it starts at $199 (60% Discount) with a goal aiming 80% Discount ($99)...

When we do reach 10 000 users that will pay ONLY $99 for the total P&M bundle, that is almost $1 000 000 of income that we will directly invest in the development of future products. It is therefore YOU that are investing in R&D by simply buying our products at a total "No Brainer" cost !

By spreading the word around the web in dedicated forum boards, posting great testimonials on our Facebook page, contacting your "audio" buddies, you will help get the "Group-Buy" gauge to climb up to 10 000 users and the price will drop to $99 bucks…

In order to make our Group-Buy Promotion INSTANTLY attractive to all participants, we decided to start the pricing off at $199!! and it drops by $10 every time another 1000 potential buyers join the tribe. So there is no gamble, as soon as you join you're in heading towards the $99 price. We know we will get the 10,000 buyers ;-)

And as always, all future upgrades will be FREE of charge. That has been our policy since day one.

Our company aims at being close to our clients, working directly with them, we know we can count on our users as they have proved to be so very enthusiastic and supportive since the beginning of the client-driven P&M adventure…

We need YOU more than ever, so please take this opportunity to participate by joining the Group-Buy TODAY and get ALL of your friends to take advantage of this once in a lifetime deal.

YOU are our only investor and we'll keep that in mind as we create great new products with you.

And to top it all off, every group buy participants will receive a "investors certificate" that entitles them to 50% off all future Plug & Mix product releases.

User Testimonials

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Here are a few cool testimonials posted by our users. We have removed all names to respect their privacy.

  • A must have! Simple, sound good, and low price = AMAZING! We purchased the V.I.P BUNDLE.
  • Great plugins!
  • I'm pretty happy with these. I use 3D on everything now !
  • So tried out your Analoger plugin I've been looking for a Saturation plugin for a while that didn't cost hundreds of dollars and this finally brought in reach. Sounds great and really adds some energy to the mix. Thanks for a great product at the perfect price.
  • LOVIN the Analoger!
  • I don't know what it is, but in addition to the quality of the plugs, there's a bit of a fun factor in using them that I just don't get with GR or Amplitube. Messing with pedals just takes me back to every basement I ever played in as a kid. And the P&M plugs are all really dead simple to use. I've been saving effect preset chains in Cubase and I really like the stuff I've been coming up with. Favorite chain: California Tone, Chorus, Echoflex, AirEQ, and one of the levelers (can't recall which ATM). Swapping out the California Tone with the British one gives you a whole new set of flavors. Really like that California tone pedal though. The only way I can describe it is a creamy distortion (for the gains, at least).
  • Amazing value! Favourite chain so far, Cool Vibe; Retro Filter; Digital Plate
  • Those plugins are already getting heavy use here next to waves, slate digital, izotope and plugin alliance.
  • Finally installed last night and had a lot of fun checking these out in various situations. Very cool indeed.
  • A big +1 These turned out to be really nice! I was going through and putting various combinations on several synths and was happy to find that some of the synths that sounded fairly so-so really came to life with these on board... even more so than some of my dedicated "fancy" effect/processing plugins. One synth in particular that never really sounded 100% like what it was supposed to be emulating suddenly DID sound like it! One that I really like in particular is the Dimension D. Overall, I'm really impressed so far!!! I had to shuffle some things around in order to be able to get these and am really glad I did !
  • I've been using these little doodads since I last week with lots of luck. Some stuff I'll never use. But there are gems. Try the clarsonix on bass
  • The value for the price point is very high IMO.
  • Thank you for a great deal and for AAX support !
  • I was really unsure about this one, simply because I really don't need or want more stuff! But these were a great investment after all. I really like the simple interfaces and the almost non-existent cpu hits. It's like having a boxful of great quality stomp pedals that you can just reach for and mix and match as needed with no fussing around. Especially useful if you just need to add something quick and simple. Also it's quite a lot of fun layering things to come up with cool combinations. Well done!!!
  • Wooooh i just try today this plug ins, I like the analoger, i put the metal rythm preset on my rythm guitar line and do what my guitar track needed and very easy, the digital reverb sounds good, scream and the wah are quite very good too…
  • I hope other developers and publishers take this as an example for very fair priced offerings.
  • I'm using these in a track right now and they sound great very cpu efficient too .We need to start a thread now to put together good combinations , i just found one the Dimension D followed by the Californian Tone good on Analogue bass
  • I like what these plugs do and how they do it (simple use, good sound, low CPU)
  • Good as my word....I just paid up. I have been enjoying these plugins so much I want to go back and remix everything. Sadly some of it is in Cubasis 5 which crashes when it tries to open Digital Reverb. I'll try re-installing both, maybe it's just a glitch....and they are working fine in Cubase 4....so thanks!
  • I got the Clarisonic as the free plugin in the recent promo, and got blown away big.
  • Thank you, by the way! Got the Clarisonix and it is magical!
  • Thanks, got a retro style limiter, trouble free installation (reaper/xp) and sounds brill.
  • use the Echoflex soooo much! I got it from your free giveaway thing. I'm really impressed. I'll buy the others when I can afford it!
  • Gooood! These are really useful tools!
  • Yes, excellent quality, and the user interfaces are ridiculously simple! Anyone can mix and master now!
  • I have Echoflex and it is so easy to use. Wonderful tool. But I'm sure I don't have a better plug in in my arsenal than Clarisonix. The rich, full harmonics added to just about anything [but I love it on Digi Piano] is really impressive. REALLY impressive! And simply the easiest plug of this nature to use. I have several more to acquire.
  • These things rock!
  • I dig on Analoguer
  • I got clarisonix with the free promo but the california distortion would actually be my second choise.
  • Just put it on a synth or whatever and start turing up the knobs
  • Love the Comp. Free promo was a great idea. I'll be back for more
  • I got the reverb, it sounds glorious on percussion...
  • deffinitelly will buy the whole set also...
  • Said it before but will say again. Best flanger in the universe!
  • I love your Tilt eq and Analoger. I'd definitely spring for the the package
  • Talking Tone sounds great.
  • Having spent a day playing with the “Eventide” based digital reverb, I am blown away with the quality of these plugins. Cheers for the freebie!
  • I just purchased the Eventide verb. Immediately I put it through it’s paces on drums. I dig the interface…nice, clean, minimal.The sound of the verb is natural, and at low volumes almost transparent which is kick ass. The only negative point I can make is that it does have artifacts on the high end if you drive the mix too much especially on the medium and big settings. Keeping the mix around 45% to 50% is where this plug in shines, after the 50% point like I stated….nasty artifacts. However 45% and below is where you enter into the transparent realm really subtle….like you can’t hear the verb but you know it’s there. Anyway over all I am very…very satisfied with this product especially at the $50.00 price range. I absolutely feel that I got more product than what I paid for and as a result I will be returning to P&M. I am going to try a few more individual plugs just to be sure they are going to serve and streamline my work flow process, if all goes well then I might very well get the V.I.P. package. Good work ladies and gentleman keep them coming.
  • pure coincidence that the last post was also about the Eventide reverb.. which, I agree, is lovely. But I just wanted to say similar for the EMT Plate ! .. There has been a lot of activity lately on the software reverb front (especially since the spectacular price-drop of the Lexicon bundles), and (notably on the KVR website) several reverb “shoot-outs”. Well, I have been joining in the fun somewhat, and am happy to report that.. at least as far as the various plate algorithms go, that the P&M Digital Plate stands up very well indeed! (especially since it has so few editable parameters).. beautifully smooth tail . I suppose that an extra “high frequency damp” parameter would be welcome (as opposed to the current simple “Color” parameter). Also, another, more general, feature request.. for all plugins in the suite that are likely to be used in a “Send” configuration.. the ability to bypass the dry/wet mix, and switch it to 100% wet (independently of the presets). Anyways, really enjoying this bundle
  • Just purchased the VIP bundle after demoing for a couple of weeks. Working very well on Presonus Studio One (ver 1.6.5) and Sonar X1c (64 bit). Kudos to Don’t Crack for these and excellent customer service!! Looking forward to future plugs. Love the simplicity, along with the excellent sounds.
  • Just wanted to say that these plugs are working fine with Presonus Studio One! I’m still in the ‘testing stages’, but, so far I like the sounds of these and the VIP package is really enticing!!
  • I’d like to step in for Transient Designer’s defense .. Yes, it’s true that it doesn’t go particularly extreme, but on the other hand, I find what it does do to be surprisingly natural-sounding.
  • I have been playing with the demos (v1.0.0) in reaper and everything works fine. I really like the opto comp, clarisonix and the brightness plugin.
  • Just to say thanks for the new “Plug and Mix” update (and the new plugins! I tried to “beat the system” (unsuccessfully ), by previously saving a Cubase Project using a Don’t Crack plugin (and changing some parameters) that was inside a “Dont Crack” subfolder, then reloading the Project.. just to see if anything would be “missing”. It loaded perfectly, with the replacement “Plug and Mix” plugin!
  • Great concept and mostly great execution. These are my favorites: Echoplex, Plate reverb, Clarisonix, Dimension 3D. Stunning and unique sounds. The compression plugs are excellent too, but this is a crowded market. These do not seem up to par, IMO: Distortion, Transcontrol. The distortion sounds digital, for lack of a better word. The Transcontrol is not as useful as other transient designer plugins out there. Everything else is good / competitive with what else is out there. The bundle is a great deal. I’m excited to try what you come up with next!
  • The Plugins sounds really good. I already have some favorites. But the DC Transcontrol I don’t like so, but that’s my personal opinion. But generally it’s a good work and I’ve purchased your VIP Bundle. Like it It’s a recommendable Deal!
  • The P&M Suite is a real goto suite where I can quickly find what I need for mixing a track with useful presets that are a starting point for getting the configuration I want. I think I must have been one of the early users of P&M (when it still had that other name) and it’s been good to see the range grow, and as the later additions are included in what I paid already then that’s different too!
  • Your Plugisn re too Professional whats Yall secrets?? lol
  • I tried Ambiosoniq and it is very good!
  • Ok. i thought my album was mixed and finished. i downloaded your VIP plug-ins package yesterday and have already re-mixed 3 tracks! DAMN YOU! THESE THINGS ARE TOO GOOD!!! the first plug-in i opened (“British Tone”) on a rhythm guitar track that just wasn’t quite speaking in the mix, and all of a sudden – WOW. it was right there and almost perfect with very little tweaking. MIRACULOUS. glued the track together and finally made it come alive. so simple, yet i know a huge amount of work went into these plug-ins. well, it shows… bravo and thank you for saving my record!
  • whaow the amb- sonic
  • I have decent gear. my Waves plug-ins list goes on forever and i work with Sonalksis, Native Instruments and tons of other great ones. but i am so impressed with Plug & Mix. best studio purchase i have made in a LONG time. now i have to delay my release date! cheers!
  • Hi Guys, I just wanted to say that I love the way this company is doing something different! Great plugs, great customer oriented attitude, and something new! Most off though.. I love the plugs!
  • Howdy Ken – both you guys do great plugins – I’m really enjoying the P & M Retro Limiter especially on acoustic guitar – superb!
  • Thank you Plug & Mix for giving me Clarisonix for FREE!!! Now that amazing Sub-bass I hear in my head, I can hear in my ears!!! I don’t understand those people saying that it’s not working, the plugin I got is working, its free, and the best part, its amazing! Thanks a million Plug & Mix!
  • I work with a lot of staff, hardware and software (UA, SSL, Neve, Manley…) I have already 2 licenses on P&M, this is my third (free, yeey), your plugins do a great job ! thaaank you !
  • Totally digging the Retro Limiter!! Thanks!!!
  • Just tried CHORUS ENSEMBLE…fantastic! Keep up the great work.
  • Thank you love the reverb on some drums ! :;)
  • No problem downloading and installing here. Clarisonix is freaking brilliant! Thanks Plug & Mix will definitely check out your other plug-ins!
  • I’ve downloaded more than one plugin. Some of them are great, some not… But you make plugins with style. Appreciate it!
  • Worked fine for me, love the tape mode on Analoger ; )
  • Plug-ins are above the average !
  • Clarisonix sounds awesome. Real smooth. I’d actually use it over maxxbass from now on.
  • Really like your reverbs, retro compressor and Clarisonix – great work. You should do a discounted ‘Track Essentials’ pack of EQ, compression and reverb/delay for people who don’t need all the outlandish effects in the VIP bundle.
  • love vinylizer
  • Vinylizer = epic.
  • I’d like to say that you guys really have some excellent customer service. Thank you!
  • Was using it in minutes. Clarisonix is great !
  • Great plugins guys!
  • Very powerful !
  • Great plugs!!!
  • GUd Stuff
  • I run a small studio and everything is expensive, hardware and software. If I am running a session, layering guitar tracks, how may times can I open Amplitube before my older PC bogs down? I can pop multiple, different amp sims with Plug & Mix’s lighter CPU draw and keep things rolling. These plugs have saved sessions more than once. There are light weight, but have settings I need (that send and receive level is so important in gain staging). I am installing vr 3 today and look forward to using the new additions to the vr 2 pack! Thanks P&M!

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Enjoy !

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