The ultimate audio plug-ins bundle, see its content here

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You are going to love working with Plug & Mix because we're "user-friendly" towards you and your wallet. Once you have purchased or upgraded to V.I.P. Bundle status, all subsequent plug-ins released for the V.I.P. series will be FREE of charge for you!

The V.I.P. 3.3 bundle contains 50 plug-ins. View the list here.

3 precision plug-ins designed to reflect the needs of our most demanding professional customers

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The “Pro Series” collection includes “E-Max” a transparent linear phase equaliser, “OptoMax” a powerful opto compressor and “Tube Exciter” a subtle tube exciter and sub bass enhancer.

Over 50 different plug-ins at a great price

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Enjoy a variety of plug-ins developed by Plug & Mix.

Mix in the sound of tape saturation and crunch from vintage tubes with Analoger

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P&M Analoger brings the classic warmth and character of a tape machine to your studio.

An original sub bass and harmonics enhancer at a bargain price

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Don't miss out on Clarisonix, a special plug-in for those looking to pack an extra punch and take their tracks to the next level.

Its intuitive user interface has Sub Mode Selector buttons that allow you to choose a frequency range to boost. The "Lo Focus" knob boosts low end giving you "punch" while the "Clarity" knob gives you more definition and snap.

The Clarisonix is the ultimate plug-in to extend your low-end and achieve impressive bass lines.

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