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Montreal, Wednesday March 13th, 2013
Press Contact : Peter Donovan

Plug & Mix Seeks 10 000 Investors with a Group-Buy Promo !

Plug & Mix (a company owned by is launching today a daring Group Buy to let buyers invest $1,000,000 into the R&D of their client-driven product line. After the great success of their FaceBook "Like" campaign they are offering the opportunity of getting the V.I.P. Bundle with its 40 plug-ins at the incredible price of just $99 (MSRP $499) when the goal of 10,000 subscribers is reached. This investment by the customers starts off with the pricing already at only $199 (a 60% saving), so there is no gamble involved and on top of it all they will receive a "investment certificate" that gives them 50% off all future Plug & Mix products. The funds raised will be used to help finance the development of all future products.

More details :

Just one month ago, on February 11 "Plug & Mix" launched a giveaway on their P&M Facebook page and they received over 13 000 "Likes" in less than 3 weeks, which is pretty impressive. That is over 13 000 new users that installed their free P&M Plug-ins allowing them to discover how good they sound and how easy they are to use. They also got amazing testimonials from these new users, some claiming that their plug-ins are amongst the best audio tools they have ever used.

Peter Donovan (Marketing manager at Plug And Mix) said that they received lots of important feed-back from the new users that requested smaller "dedicated" bundles at more attractive prices (than the 40 plug-in V.I.P. Bundle) and that they should be sold somewhere around a $99 price point. "We think that is a GREAT idea and we will definitely follow-up with that on future releases" says Eric Nolot, Co- founder and CEO at DontCrack / Plug & Mix. Other users asked if DontCrack could organise an attractive promotion and that led Eric and Peter to a very daring idea that certainly hasn't been done before in our industry.

10 000 Investors = $1 000 000 for R&D !

As we all know, R&D (Research & Development) is critical for a growing company and the folks at Plug & Mix have decided to get their users involved. How do they want to do that, you might ask ? Well, they simply want to give their customers a great offer, the maximum for their money, and use it to generate the necessary income for R&D on their side. "We do have some very exciting client-driven projects that we want to bring to the market quickly" says Peter Donovan…

To achieve this win-win goal, Peter has proudly announced the launch of the most ambitious Group-Buy ever organised by DontCrack. The idea is to gather together over 10 000 users that will effectively pull their V.I.P. Bundle price down to ONLY $99 (MSRP $499). "As the bundle contains 40 plug-ins, that drives the cost of each plug-in down to ONLY $2.48!!" states Peter. That might effectively be the craziest "No Brainer" deal ever seen in the audio industry ?

"If we do reach 10 000 users that will pay ONLY $99 for the total P&M bundle, that is almost $1 000 000 of income that we will invest directly into the development of future products", states Eric Nolot. "It is therefore our users that are investing in our R&D by simply buying our products at a total "No Brainer" cost !"

By spreading the word around the web in dedicated forum boards, posting great testimonials on their Facebook page, calling their "audio" buddies, it will be their users that will help get the "Group-Buy" gauge to climb up to 10 000 users and the price will drop down to $99 bucks for them. That is a 80% DISCOUNT off the MSRP...

In order to make their Group-Buy Promotion INSTANTLY attractive to all participants, the folks at DontCrack have decided to start the pricing off at ONLY $199 and it then drops by $10 every time another 1000 potential buyers join the tribe. So there is no gamble, as soon as people join-in, they're heading towards the $99 price. "We know we will get the 10,000 buyers" says Peter & Eric.

And as always, all future V.I.P. Bundle and single plug-in upgrades will be FREE of charge. That has been their policy since day one.

DontCrack aims at being close to their clients, working directly with them. "We know we can count on their users as they have proved to be so very enthusiastic and supportive since the beginning of the P&M adventure", says Eric.

"We need YOUR INPUT more than ever", says Peter, "so please take this opportunity to participate by joining the Group-Buy TODAY and get ALL of your friends to take advantage of this once in a lifetime deal".

"YOU are our only investors and we keep that in mind as we create great new products with you". adds Eric.

And to top it all off, every group buy participants will receive a "investors certificate" that entitles them to 50% off all future Plug & Mix product releases.

Join the Plug & Mix Group-Buy now !

About DontCrack

DontCrac[k] was created to become the bridge between customers and developers. The idea is to provide a complete marketing and retail service for developers, freeing them up so they can do what they do best : Releasing great Software!

About Plug & Mix

Plug & Mix (formerly DC Plug-ins) is a company owned by which has been supporting and distributing the finest audio plug-in manufacturers since 2006. P&M is a collaborative concept where they partnered with major plug-in manufacturers to provide a customer-defined product-line for the audio plug-in market.

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